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Yiwu Group is Located in the Yiwu City. Yiwu is the largest small commodity market in the world, Our supplier covers all around China. The Leading  supplier,Company has been committed to creating a one-stop purchasing service platform.We are an Internet trading platform that changes the traditional international trade mode.


Yiwu group is the solution of your ONE-STOP BUSINESS.

Send Us Your requests, Email us what you want to purchase.
Quote At Your Request, We will mail you different prices with different factories.
Confirmed& Advance payment, pay the advance payment after confirmed order.
Goods Production,Start production according to your requests.
Goods Inspection, We will check your goods before shipment.
Goods Reports, Will send your goods report depends on your detailed by email.
Balance Payment, Payment of full balance after everything is correct.
Arrange Shipment, Clear Customs and arrange shipment.


    Click Live chat to chat with us. If we are offline, please leave a message. We will give you areply within 24 hours.


    China sourcing agent Fees are very transparent and do not have any hidden costs or commissions.We only charge a very reasonable service charge.

    We will follow up production, inspection products,quality control, product validation and freight management. We are your Chinese purchasing department and your Chinese friends.


    Free membership

    0 service charge!0 commission!0 risk!

    Limited capacity! First come first serve!Let’s get down to work,Don’t hesitate to join us!

    One-stop shopping service is for free, only necessary expense.

    • Inquiry: Replying within 5 working days and providing reliable product quotation for no more than 2 factories.
    • Sample:Providing customers with sample data and pictures, simple OEM%ODM service.
    • Order:Reliable payment guarantees, 50% deposit for order.
    • Production:Trusted product manufacturing.
    • Tracking:Trusted tracking service.
    • InspectionReliable product quality acceptance guarantee
    • Delivery:Reliable delivery service, payments before delivery.
    • Transportation:We will provide suitable freight forwarding service for customers.
    • Translation:Professional translation data.


    FREE membership commission scheme:

    In order to avoid wasting high-quality service resources, we will provide a procurement service plan. The total amount of each order shall not be less than $1,000, with no more than 2 suppliers and no more than 10 product styles. If the services can not meet your requirements, welcome to join our VIP customer club, to enjoy more first-rate VIP service.


    In order to let more new customers to try our excellent service, if your order is less than 1000 dollars each time, you can also share the order with other partners or buyers to make the deal.


    0 service charge!0 commission!0 risk!Just now, Don’t hesitate to join us!


    /Per Year

    VIP membership

    $599 a year for membership, less than $1.65 a day!

    You can directly become our VIP member and enjoy the first-rate service if you place a one-time order over $15,000.

    The maximum commission is as low as 1%, the details please refer to our commission scheme.

    • Inquiry:to save your time is to help you to make money. Quick response, working hours is 2—72 hours, to provide comprehensive quotation of more than 3 suppliers with high quality. To evaluate and analyze the quality of potential products and factory qualifications.
    • Sample:the assigned people is responsible for the sample orders, to strive for fee reduction of small amount sample in stock for clients, to provide various OEM&ODM services based on clients requirements.
    • Order:payment security, 30% deposit for order.
    • Production:reliable production, the assigned people to follow up, to control product quality and production schedule.
    • Tracking:fast response tracking service, to provide tracking photos and videos, so that clients can understand the goods position as soon as possible.
    • Inspection: reliable product quality inspection guarantees, can provide assistance from third-party inspection company.
    • Delivery: reliable delivery service, timely follow up the production schedule, timely delivery would help reassure clients, payments before delivery.
    • Transportation: we will provide suitable freight forwarding service for customers. If the customer has his own freight forwarder company, we will help our customers to deal with the problems in transit.
    • Translation: professional translation information service, fast and accurate response to customers’ translation needs.


    VIP membership commission scheme:

    Each order is less than $10000, the commission fee is 5%.

    Each order is between $10000 and $30000, the commission fee is 3.5%.

    Each order is over $30000, the commission fee is 2%.

    The total order is over 100 million dollars a year, we can negotiate special clauses, the commission fee is as low as 1%.

    In order to convenience non-VIP members to use the commission services, 0.5% increasing based on VIP commission scheme correspondingly.

    To try our service is a happy beginning for you. Now joining the VIP membership, to save more money, to acquire more quality service, let us to help you to make more money.


    /Per Year

    Our Advantages

    Purchase in yiwu,Many of our customers have experienced savings up to 40%!

    Very Professional

    Experience is more important than anything else.We listen, we discuss, and we advise you the best options.

    100% safe & Guarantee

    reliable production, the assigned people to follow up, to control product quality and production schedule.

    Low cost

    Save your money,endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.

    Everything about China

    We can help you anywhere in China.This simplifies things and leaves you with the space to focus on the essential.

    10,000+ Suppliers

    Easy access to 50,000+ trusted suppliers,Tailor-made services to fulfill every sourcing need

    One Stop Services

    Save your time and meet all of your requests.We will provide the best service and quote the best price to you!