Best Yiwu Markets/Yiwu Wholesale Market Guide 2023

Best Yiwu Wholesale Markets Guide: How to Source Products in Yiwu market?

Yiwu is the World’s Biggest trading city for little products. Every year, over 560,000 buyers concern Yiwu for sourcing small commodity products..
Many individuals are asking the number of wholesale markets does Yiwu have? What in the world makes Yiwu Markets popular and so different throughout the world? What should I pay attention to if it is the very first time going to Yiwu markets?

As a Yiwu local, I’m running a sourcing company with over 50 personnel, assisting clients from all over the world to source trustworthy suppliers in China. In this post, I’m happy to discover the secrets about Yiwu in the following chapters. Enjoy reading!

1. Where’s?is Yiwu? What is Yiwu Wholesale?Market?
2. Futian Market (World’s Largest) Intro. Market Map Connected.
3. List of All Wholesale Markets in?Yiwu.
4. How to Source Products and?Handle Suppliers in Yiwu Markets.
5. How to Ship Products from Yiwu to Your?country?
6. How Yiwu Agent Company Assistance Your Buying & Exporting?
7. Four Secrets of Yiwu Market You Should Know

Four Tricks of Yiwu Market You Ought To Know.

1. Where is Yiwu? What is Yiwu Wholesale Market?

Yiwu, a central city of Zhejiang province, has actually developed from a small agricultural city into a city built on markets, or small commodity service. With over 40years of development since the reform and opening up, it has become the world’s most famous city, understood for its global small commodity trading with over 200 nations and areas across the world.

Thanks to its central location, Yiwu likewise becomes the warehouse of Zhejiang’s day-to-day utilized products. The Zhejiang province where Yiwu belongs to is among the most important trading provinces in China, adding to over 12% of China’s foreign trade.
Far it has actually formed lots of industrial clusters such as Hardware Center in Yong Kang city, China Socks Center in Zhuji city, Plastic and Rubber center in Taizhou city, Textile and umbrella center in Shaoxing city, Plastic equipment center in Ningbo city, etc…

Much of the above community cities supply products to Yiwu. Yiwu is also extremely close to Hangzhou and Shanghai. You can either take a bullet train or bus to get to Yiwu. It is extremely convenient and has many transportation approaches to choose from.

From a developmental point of view, Yiwu is a famous city. To get a complete image of Yiwu and even more be familiar with its culture, home entertainment, hotel recommendations, click to see our detailed Yiwu Page.

Yiwu city map

Yiwu Wholesale Markets.
Throughout the years, Yiwu has formed a special ” market cluster” with international trade city as the core and numerous professional markets and specialized streets supporting each other. Individuals outside Yiwu call all those small commodity markets as Yiwu wholesale markets. In this sense, there are over 10+ small commodity wholesale markets in overall.

Among all the Yiwu wholesale markets, the biggest and most well-known one is “International Trade City”. Its existing location is simply in the Futian Town in the old times, so individuals would likewise like to call “International Trade City” as “Futian Market”, or Yiwu Wholesale Market, as it is the name card of all wholesale markets.

Rest of other markets and Futian market supplement each other, in regards to product classifications. Other markets concentrate on categories that Futian market does not have, such as furniture, production products, equipment, and so on.

Besides the marketplaces, the specialized streets are likewise a fundamental part of Yiwu wholesale business. When more and more organization owners chose to do company along the streets near the wholesale markets, the specialized streets came into shape naturally. As there were even insufficient booths available in the markets for companies to run there or the booths are rather too small. We’ll introduce them in more detail in the following.

2. Futian Market Guide (World’s Largest) Introduction. Market Map Attached.

As mentioned above, nowadays, when it comes to Futian Market (福田市场), it refers to the International Trade City (国际商贸城), or Yiwu Wholesale Market. Historically, the old Futian market is extremely small, today, with the development of small products company, it has turned into what you see now, a huge, global and modern market place in international trade city location..
The International Trade City buildings are put into usage since 2002. It has 5 operating locations in total, or 5 Districts, with each focusing on various product categories.

Lots of people are asking how lots of wholesale markets does Yiwu have? What is Yiwu Wholesale Market?
What is Yiwu Wholesale Market?
Numerous of the above area cities supply goods to Yiwu. Individuals outside Yiwu call all those small commodity markets as Yiwu wholesale markets.


Yiwu International Trade City/Yiwu market District 1 (国际商贸城一区)

F1Electric toys / Common toys /Plush toys/ Artificial Flower /Inflatable toys / Flower accessories / Annex building (Toy/ornaments/craft)
F2Fashion Jewelry & Ornament / Hair Ornament / Annex building/Annex ornaments
F3Ornament Accessories / Porcelain & Crystal / Picture Frames / Crafts
F4Factory Outlets (Toy/flower/ornament) / Taiwan Mall (flower/ornament/craft)

Yiwu International Trade City/Yiwu market District 2 (国际商贸城二区)

F1Umbrella / Rain wear & Pack / Suitcases & Bags /Fujian Mall (Umbrellas)
F2Hardware Tools & Accessories / Vehicles /Locks / Electric Products
F3Kitchen & Sanitary hardware / Small Home Appliances / Clocks & Watches / Guangdong Nanhai Mall / Battery/Lamp/Flash lights
F4Anhui Mall / Hongkong Mall / Sichuan Mall / Korean Mall / Electronics / Suitcase & Bags / Clocks & Watches / Hardware & Electric Appliances
F5Export agencies / Featured products

Yiwu International Trade City/Yiwu market District 3 (国际商贸城三区)

F1Eyeglasses / Pen & Inks / Paper Articles
F2Outdoor products / Office & Stationery / Cultural & Sports products
F3Zipper & Button / Apparel accessories / Cosmetics & Beauty products
F4Factory outlets-cosmetics/beauty / Factory outlets-cultural & sports 
Factory outlets-apparel accessories

Yiwu International Trade City/Yiwu market District 4 (国际商贸城四区)

F2Daily Necessities / Knitted Products / Gloves / Hats / Earmuffs
F3Sewing Thread & Tape / Shoes / Lace / Tie / Towel
F4Belt/Accessories / Scarf / Bra & Underwear
F5Tourism & shopping center / Garments / Shoes / Daily necessities / Frame / accessories

Yiwu International Trade City/Yiwu market District 5 (国际商贸城五区)

F1African Products / Garments/Daily consumables /Jewelry & Handcrafts / Ornaments & Crafts / Food / Healthcare products
F2Beddings / Chinese knot / DIY Handicraft
F3Needle / Knitted cloth / Knitted fabric / Curtains cloth
F4Auto Accessories / Car & Motorcycle Parts / Car necessities
F5Online services

3. List of All Wholesale Markets in Yiwu

Address: No. 69, Chouzhou North Roadway (稠州北69号).
Opening hours: 8:00 -17:30.
When you come to Yiwu to purchase products, most naturally you’ll go to the wholesale markets, but if you just stick to the markets, you’ll miss another valuable source, that is the specialized streets we mentioned above. We’ll speak about it more in the following..
Yiwu Wholesale Markets.

1). Futian Market (福田市场).
Amongst all the 10+ wholesale markets, the Futian market is the largest one and most popular one in Yiwu. It has over 50,000 booths across 5 Districts, from District 1 to District 5, with most popular classifications such as bags, toys & suitcases, jewelry & accessories, small devices, etc..
For more detail about Futian Market, please describe Chapter 2.

2). International Production Material Market (国际生产资料市场).
Unlike Futian market, the worldwide production material market primarily focus on machinery & equipment. It is also a center for lighting products, and leather items.
Address: No. 1566, Xuefeng West Road (雪峰西路1566号).

 Product category:
F1printing raw materials / industrial electrical appliances / commercial logistics equipment / flower accessories
F2food processing machinery / printing and packaging machinery / power and power / generation equipment / ribbon weaving machine / injection molding machine / cutting tool
F3home decoration lights / commercial lighting equipment / holiday lights / outdoor engineering lights / LED lights and accessories

3). Huangyuan Clothing Market (篁园服装市场)
It lies in the most thriving organization circle-Xiu Hu. And it is the largest expert clothing market in the middle zone of Zhejiang, matching wholesale and retail service.
Address: Crossway of Jiangbin Middle Roadway and Huangyuan Road ( 江滨中路与篁园路交叉口 ).      

 Product category:      
F1pants / jeans
F2men’s wear/women’s wear
F3women’s wear/men’s wear
F4pajamas / sweater / sportswear / shirt / and wedding / evening dress / sportswear/ women’s clothing
F5children’s clothing
F6Korea imported clothing city

4). Yiwu Furniture Market (义乌家具市场).
It lies in the core area of the west of Yiwu City. It is the only massive expert furniture market approved by the government in Yiwu City. It is a modern furnishings market with the largest single scale, the highest grade, the best environment and total supporting centers in Zhejiang Province.
Address: No. 1779, Xicheng Road ( 西城路1779号 ).

 Product category:
B1common civil furniture and office furniture
F1sofa, software, rattan art, hardware, glass furniture and supporting service areas
F2modern board, children’s suites
F3European, classical, mahogany and solid wood furniture
F4wonderful space management fine furniture
F5business district, home accessories area, decoration design company

5). Digital market (数码城).
Instead of wholesale organization, it tends to do retail business for private usage. You can turn to Shenzhen if you want to purchase in a large order.
Address: No. 238, Binwang Road ( 宾王路238号 ).
Product classification: assembled computer systems, brand name laptop computers, forecast devices, etc.

6). Interaction market( 通信市场).
Though you can discover some phone sellers in Futian Market, suppliers are more collected in this market.
Address: No. 211, Binwang Road ( 宾王路211号).
You can wholesale here without enough time to go to Shenzhen ).
Product category: cellphones, digital cams, etc.


7). Yiwu Product Market (物资市场).
Yiwu material market has become a massive market for developing decor products, and a supplier center for Aluminum, stone, and ceramic products. It has around 350 booths here..
Address: No. 199, Xicheng Road ( 西城路199号 ).
Product classification: Four trading areas for metal products, stone, ceramics, and lighting hardware. Generally engaged in aluminum, granite, ceramics, hygienic ware, stainless-steel, plumbing pipe, glass, lights, hardware, plastic steel and other 10 categories of items.

8). Zhezhong Wood Market (浙中建材市场).
It is the largest and highest grade lumber distribution center in the middle of Zhejiang now after a decade of growing and development, achieving a three-level jump in structure, grade and scale.
Address: No. 266, Xicheng Road ( 西城路266号 ).
Product classification: log trading and sawn lumber processing.

Yiwu Specialized Streets.
Yiwu specialized streets are a special attribute of Yiwu markets and also a vital part of Yiwu company..
We’ve collected and summed up all the important customized streets in listed below chart. Think that you’ll find them really special when you stroll along them.

Product categoriesLocation of specialized streets
Overstock market
(Clothing, suitcases & bags, toys, shoes, stationary, etc)
1. Meihu stock street(梅湖库存专业街) 
North of Wuai Road (五爱路北边)

2.Wuai stock street (五爱库存专业街) 
South of Wuai Road (五爱路南边)
Ornaments and accessories1. Changchun ornament street 1-7 (长春饰品专业街) 
Intersection of Mall Avenue and Gongren North Road (商城大道和工人北路交汇处)

2. Jinfuyuan (Xingzhong jewelry street) (兴中珠宝专业街) 
Intersection of Chengbei Road and Chouzhou North Road (城北路与稠州北路交叉口)
ScarfFutian District 3 (福田三区专业街) 
Intersection of Yinhai Road and Gongren North Road (银海路与工人北路交叉口) 
Bra & UnderwearHuangyuan Bra & Underwear street (篁园内衣专业街)
Lane 6,Huangyuan Road (篁园路6弄)
EyeglassesHuangyuan eyeglasses street (篁园眼镜专业街)
No.190, Jiangbin Middle Road (江滨中路190号)
FurnitureZhanqian furniture street (站前家具专业街)
No.247,Chengzhong North Road (城中北路247号)
Cosmetics & Beauty productsBinwang cosmetics street (宾王化妆品专业街)
No.238,Binwang Road (宾王路238号)
Culture, gifts, calendars, New Year picturesSunshine Community (阳光小区专业街)
Intersection of Gongren North Road and Zongze Road (工人北路和宗泽路交叉口) 
Photo frame, Ceramic, Cigarette set, Lighter, Oil painting, decorative paintingZhaozhai street (赵宅专业街)
Near No.16, Zhaozhai Street 2 (赵宅2街16号附近)
LeatherChengxin District 1 (诚信一区专业街)
Opposite to Gate 67, Yiwu International Trade City, Chengxin Avenue
Christmas goods稠州北路601号圣诞礼品专业街(金茂大厦楼下)
No.601,Chouzhou North Road

福田二区圣诞礼品专业街 (工人北路882号附近)
Near No.882,Gongren North Road(义乌国际商贸城67号门对面诚信大道)

4. How to Source Products and Handle Suppliers in Yiwu Markets

How to Find Yiwu Wholesale Market Suppliers?.
Whether you go directly to buy in the market, or go with a translator or agent, I recommend that you compare as many suppliers as possible to repair the best cost amongst them.

Typically, the suppliers of the very same product classification are all located in the same area. You just require to go around them to find comparable suppliers..
You can ask for the assistance of an agent if you are not familiar with the market. They can take you to the most popular stores based on your product classification..
Likewise you can look at the site of” Yiwugo” to find a supplier’s information and location inside the market. When you recognized some excellent suppliers online, you can visit their booths in the market, examine about their samples and inquire about the rates..
How to Communicate with Yiwu Market Suppliers?

Wholesalers in yiwu markets can just comprehend some standard English, such as just how much, price, cheap, great, and other easy English words. You can utilize your finger to point it out when you see a product at a booth. And after that the suppliers will reveal you the rate of RMB with a calculator. You require to take note of the fact that suppliers in the market just accept RMB and reject the US dollars.

Given that the sellers can just communicate in this simple way, if you wish to buy a small amount of stock products, you can just pay cash and they will provide to your hotel.However if you wish to talk about with the supplier about how the product is manufactured, how to personalize a product or develop your own private label products, you ‘d much better discover a translator or sourcing agent to help you communicate with the provider.

The translator is primarily to assist you communicate with the supplier in the market. As for orders, examinations, and delivery after leaving the market, that’s not their job.
Nevertheless a translator can only assist you communicate with the supplier and take you around the wholesale market. If you require to purchase wholesale, personalize your products or organize shipment to your nation, you’ll require a sourcing agent. To know about Yiwu agents, click to know how yiwu agent business support your purchasing and exporting..
If you require a Yiwu sourcing agent right now, do not hesitate to reach out to us, our associate will connect with you quickly within a number of hours.

And then the suppliers will reveal you the rate of RMB with a calculator. You require to pay attention to the reality that suppliers in the market only accept RMB and turn down the US dollars.
The translator is primarily to assist you interact with the supplier in the market. A translator can just help you communicate with the provider and take you around the wholesale market.

How to Deal with Yiwu Market Suppliers?

a. Select Suppliers with Specialized Categories.
Some suppliers in the Yiwu market are specialized in doing one category, and some others do the various classifications of products at the same time. For specialized suppliers.
Their rates will tend to be much better, the quality of the products will be more secure, and the suppliers are more familiar with the products.
The suppliers that handle a lot of classifications often have multiple cooperative factories. Fairly speaking, the suppliers who do various classifications are not as expert as those who have focused on simply one classification.
b. Confirm Product Quality.
While buying from Yiwu markets, something that is really crucial is to stress to the supplier that the quality of huge production should be the same as the quality of samples. Never ever presume as long as you place your order based on the sample seen in the market, your product quality will automatically be the same as that of the samples..
The fact is that if you do refrain from doing the double confirmation with the supplier, in most cases, you’ll be surprised at what you get, the product material, weight, size or color, etc could all be different from the samples.
c. Tips on Price Settlement.
For price settlements, the rate of various quantities will not be very different. Typically, the amount of about 1000 pieces can be used at a fantastic cost. And sometimes, the supplier will give you a little discount rate of about 3-5%.
Some clients believe that if they directly ask the supplier whether the rate of 10, 000 pieces will be lower, they will get a low price of around 10-20%. This is not real, as even after doing this, the cost will still be the exact same as that of 1000 pieces.
Since suppliers do not think you will buy 10,000 pieces. When you hear that the price of 1000 pieces is nearly the same as that of 10, 000 pieces, you shouldn’t be surprised.


5.How to Ship Products from Yiwu to Your Country?

Yiwu is a city with very established logistics and transportation networks. Here, you can select to ship to your country in numerous methods. In general, there is express delivery, air transportation, and sea shipping.

a- Express Shipment.

Express shipment is the fastest method. It is only suitable for small, high-value items, such as electronic products, accessories, watches and so on.
If you are ready to send out by reveal, then I suggest that you do not call FedEx, DHL, UPS, or any other official reveal. Because their discount rates for people are typically very little, an excellent option would be to get in touch with Yiwu’s express agent.
You can find a great deal of such reveal shipment companies around the market. Due to the fact that they have large shipping volume every day, they have a really low discount rate. You will find that utilizing an express agent can help you save 30-50% express cost if you compare these 2.

b- Freight Shipping.

If you use sea shipping, or want to carry by air, you can go to the Changchun District and Futian District, which is next to the wholesale Market (Futian) to find some freight forwarding business.
Numerous freight forwarding companies will declare to be able to send out to any country. These freight forwarding companies are not the best option. I recommend that you discover some freight forwarders that are concentrated on your country line. Such business usually provides you with a full quote to your country right now, consisting of customized clearance.
Some freight forwarders will tell you that they can ship products to any nation. They deliver to a number of major countries. If your nation is not one of those nations that they normally ship to, they will contact other freight forwarders to help you deliver. The quote will end up being much greater.
Especially, for some customers in the Middle East, Africa, Russia, and South America, customized clearance is not as easy as in North America, and it is more likely to have issues.
Because of their abundant experience, the freight forwarding business in the unique line can assist you solve various issues more expertly. And a great deal of these unique line freight forwarding companies have actually been opened in Yiwu by people from your country, so it will be easier in communicating.

c- Yixinou Trainway.

If you are from a country along the ” Yixinou Train”, you can also choose to ship the goods to your country by rail. The “Yixinou railway” begins with Yiwu and travels through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France, and lastly, Madrid.
The option of rail transportation saves about half of the expense of time, and its expense is only half or less that of air transportation.

And in some cases, the supplier will give you a little discount of about 3-5%.
Given that suppliers do not believe you will buy 10,000 pieces. Numerous freight forwarding business will declare to be able to send to any nation. Some freight forwarders will inform you that they can ship items to any nation. If your country is not one of those nations that they usually ship to, they will contact other freight forwarders to help you deliver.

6. How Yiwu Agent Business Assistance Your Purchasing & Exporting? What’s the Rate?

When you come to Yiwu, you’ll find you are surrounded by thousands of buying representatives with different sizes. The types of services supplied by various representatives also vary, dependent on the representatives’ capacity and resources.

General Service Type.

General service type refers to the sort of service that most agents can offer, such as product sourcing, sample plan and shipping arrangement.

a. Supplier Sourcing.

Not just can the Yiwu representatives assist you browse suppliers on online, however also they can accompany you to go to the wholesale markets. With the local understanding of Yiwu agents, you can really benefit a lot..

In addition to help you discover suppliers inside Yiwu markets, they can likewise assist you discover suppliers in other cities of China, if there’s no ideal suppliers in Yiwu.

b. Sample Arrangement.

If you require to do some product modification or modification based upon the existing products in the markets, you can just tell suppliers about your particular requirements, and leave the sample plan to the agent.

When the sample personalization is ended up, the agent helps check quality and organize shipping to your house.

c. Shipping Arrangement.

No matter whether you buy from one supplier or a number of suppliers in the market, the agent can assist you combine all cargos into one shipment. Normally representatives have a large network of freight forwarders or express companies, to ship products at a better price.

Value-added Service Type.

Value-added service type refers to some special service scope that just a couple of capable agents can provide. As such, if you wish to have listed below service, it is extremely essential for you to select a excellent and trusted agent to help with your buying and exporting…

a. Free Warehousing.

Not every sourcing agent has totally free warehousing service. Only those representatives who have their own storage facilities can provide such service, like Yiwugroup.

Yiwugroup has a big warehouse with 5 floors. Even if you source suppliers on your own, if you require a warehouse to keep your goods for a long time, you can deliver your goods to Yiwugroup’s warehouse. And it is complimentary for 2 month…

b. Quality Examination.

Another great benefit to have a getting agent is to function as your China representative during quality examination. If quality problems are found prior to shipment, agents can help you discuss with suppliers, look into the quality issues and exercise options.

You might think you can work with 3rd inspection business, nevertheless their rate is rather high, $300 per person a day for each evaluation. They are just accountable for issuing the examination report, and will not assist you fix the quality problems with the provider.

For the time and labor associated with quality examination, a specific evaluation cost will be charged, and it will be a lot less than the expense of examination business.

c. Product Development.

The product development process is quite made complex. From concept to real products involves lots of information and needs lots of effort over a long time..

As such, you ‘d much better discover an agent who’s experienced in product advancement, and comprehend what it takes to make your ideas take place. If you have an interest in develop new products in China, you can likewise examine our another post” How to Develop and Produce a New Product in China to Gain a Decent Margin?”

How to Find Yiwu Market Agent?

Offered the benefits and service you can get from a Yiwu acquiring agent, you might wonder how to discover a trustworthy agent to deal with..

If you are abroad however want to find a good agent in advance for checking out the Yiwu market, then you can search for “Yiwu Market Agent” on Google, where you will discover some Yiwu representatives. If you have currently shown up in Yiwu, you will see a great deal of advertisements about Yiwu agents at the airport, train station, and even at your hotel entrance. You can pick one of them after doing online research study.

Here, I likewise want to share something unique with you. If you are a customer from the Middle East and Africa, then you can discover people who are doing import and export organization in Yiwu straight to your country. They can interact with you in your own language and they completely comprehend the situation of China and your country.

What is Yiwu Agent’s Service Rate? Just how much Should You Pay?

This is an extremely fascinating topic and one that foreigners who come to Yiwu to purchase items are usually concerned about, particularly for those importers who have no acquiring experience in Yiwu. You may not know that there are more than 1, 000 agencies in Yiwu! The biggest company usually has at least 500 individuals and the tiniest firm normally has around 5 people.

There are a lot of representatives offered in Yiwu. You will not understand how to pick the best agent. At this point, you might be brought in to advertisements that claim to provide 3% commission or even lower, and some even give 0% commission.

My recommendations is that you need to not be misinformed by these advertisements. This is just a low-cost competitive marketing method used by agencies to draw in new clients. They will also tell you that there are different other service fees to gather when you call these business. There is no set industry standard in Yiwu, as far as I understand, it is more reasonable and dependable for the representatives to charge around 5-10% service cost.

You can proceed and select an agent with a low service charge, however you will discover some of the problems that I am going to discuss in the next paragraph. They are some of the most pre-owned tricks by Yiwu agents, which many of our readers have actually shown us.

A Few Of Yiwu Agent’s Tricks You Need to Know.In order to keep the interests of their own business, some companies that charge 3% or lower service charge typically utilize some techniques to make up for the lost of service charges.

a. Modification suppliers.

When you believe that the quality of supplier A’s product is good, the rate is acceptable, and as a result, you go ahead and place your order. However then, your agent is most likely to replace your supplier A with a cheaper supplier B, in order to benefit from it. As for you, the lower cost of provider B means that you may get a poor quality product.

b. Ask suppliers for a kick back.

When you go directly to the market, your agent will help you to work out with the provider. During this time, the agent will use the Chinese language to ask the provider to increase the original price by 2-5% as a quote for you. In this case, the rate of the product you pay will be more expensive.

c. Force suppliers to cut prices.

When you and the provider decide on the product and cost, the agent will force the supplier to cut the cost when placing the order. In this manner, the agent receives the make money from the cost distinction. This scenario will likewise trigger the supplier to give you bad product quality and safeguard their revenue.

When you come to Yiwu, you’ll find you are surrounded by thousands of buying agents with various sizes. The types of services supplied by various agents also vary, dependent on the representatives’ capacity and resources. If you are abroad however want to discover an excellent agent in advance for going to the Yiwu market, then you can search for “Yiwu Market Agent” on Google, where you will discover some Yiwu agents. If you have actually currently arrived in Yiwu, you will see a lot of advertisements about Yiwu representatives at the airport, train station, and even at your hotel entryway. There is no set market standard in Yiwu, as far as I understand, it is more dependable and sensible for the agents to charge around 5-10% service cost.

7. Four Secrets of Yiwu Market You Should Know

a. Are All the Booths Opened by Makers?

Most booths are owned by individual companies, while others are owned by trading companies and they have actually got lots of factories that provide them on a long-lasting basis. These factories are generally based in Yiwu and close-by cities. If it’s your first time checking out Yiwu, or you do not have much details and experience on import, you will find it tough attempting to identify whether these are specific services, little workshops, or massive factories.

b. Are Yiwu Products of Poor Quality as Alleged?

Some analysts on the internet declare that all Yiwu products are of poor quality, hence they can not be exported to the United States. This is not real because of the following factors:
Yiwu product does not suggest “Made in Yiwu”. As discussed earlier, Chinese products have enterprise zones where they are produced from. Many products offered in Yiwu are made in other leading production locations and they are just availed in Yiwu for sale.
One of the leading 3 exporting nations from Yiwu is the U.S. Lots of premium products are exported from China to the U.S every year. Yiwu also has some budget products which target establishing countries, but it’s not true to say that all Yiwu products are not of good quality.
Many Christmas products are produced in Yiwu, but you will also discover suppliers in places like Shenzhen and other locations. Nevertheless, the Shenzen supplier may play a technique by not telling you that the products were produced in Yiwu, or even he/she might declare that what they sell is better than that made in Yiwu.

c. Is Yiwu Wholesale Market only Suitable for Small Companies?

Many short articles on the internet are saying that Yiwu market is only appropriate for small companies, and Shenzhen or other huge cities are much better for huge orders. The fact is that you will not discover a market with a MOQ that’s higher than that of the markets in Yiwu.
For those people who want to buy one product from $1000 or more to 2-3 containers, this is the best place to source them. It’s rather challenging to persuade the booth to sell one or two cartons for one item, as this quantity is really less than their MOQ.
Generally, every product in any market needs preparation. Some of them tend to have area products so that you can purchase in little amounts. However there are 2 conditions which you must consider before buying spot items.
Area goods can not be altered. All the colors, designs, and logos, as well as product packaging, remain the same as the samples that you see in the cubicle. If you desire tailored products, you will need to buy in large quantities. Due to the fact that spot items are already manufactured, their basic or style is not current, thus they are not appropriate for fashion products.

d. How Does Yiwu Differ from Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou?

Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou are all huge coastal cities in China and have ports, which is an aspect that provides many advantages of export. This is also the reason why most big worldwide business have actually established their procurement or branch offices in these cities. There are various professional trading companies that provide better services.
Yiwu does not have a port and depends on the Ningbo port, which is 200km away. Yiwu supplies many products to Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou.
You can’t find any other place like Yiwu wholesale market that gathers a lot of products from Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou.
Ningbo doesn’t have any market and its benefit is the port only. On the other hand, Shenzhen just has a market for electronic products, while Guangzhou is a popular market for jewelry, clothing, and associated items.

If it’s your first time visiting Yiwu, or you do not have much details and experience on import, you will find it tough trying to distinguish whether these are specific organizations, small workshops, or massive factories. Yiwu product does not imply “Made in Yiwu”. Many products offered in Yiwu are made in other leading production locations and they are just availed in Yiwu for sale.
One of the top 3 exporting nations from Yiwu is the U.S. Yiwu also has some budget products which target developing nations, but it’s not real to state that all Yiwu products are not of great quality.

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